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Abbreviations for Knitting Patterns

BO: Bind off

CO: Cast on

Cont: Continue

Dpn(s): Double-pointed needle(s)

Garter stitch: Knit all sts every row.

Inc1: Increase one stitch using your favorite increase method. The designer’s preferred method is the KLL (beg. of row) and KRL (end of row). It creates a virtually undetectable increase. See below for instructions.

K2tog (knit 2 together): Insert needle into next 2 sts and knit as 1 st, creating a right-leaning decrease.

KRL (Knit Right Loop): Insert RH ndl into right loop of stitch just below next st; place it onto LH ndl and knit it; then knit the st on needle.

KLL (Knit Left Loop): Knit next st normally. Insert LH ndl into left loop of st two rows below the st you just knit. Knit this st through the back loop.

K-wise (knit-wise): Insert needle into next st from left to right

LH: Left-hand

Ndl(s): Needle(s)

P2tog-b: Purl 2 sts together through back loops.

P-wise (purl-wise): Insert needle into next st from right to left.

Pm: Place or pass marker

Rem: Remaining

Rep: Repeat

RH: Right-hand

Rnd(s): Round(s)

RS: Right side. In St st, this is the knit side.

Sl (Slip): Move st from left needle to right needle without working the st. Usually done p-wise, unless otherwise directed.

SSK (Slip-slip-knit): Slip 2 sts k-wise, one at a time, as if to knit, then insert tip of LH ndl from left to right into the two sts on the RH ndl and knit tog. This creates a left-leaning decrease.

St(s): Stitch(es)

St st (Stockinette stitch): When working in the rnd, knit all rnds. When working flat, knit row 1, purl row 2.

WS: Wrong side. In St st, this is the purl side.

Yb: Yarn in back

Yf: Bring yarn to the front of work

Yo: Yarn-over

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