NY Sheep & Llamas & Alpacas & Bunnies & Wool Festival

As promised, here are some photos of the critters who also attended the festival, in a different capacity. May not be exciting to some of you folks, but us city folks so rarely get this close to nature.


Another sheep

2 more sheep

Sheep in cow's clothing
Here’s a sheep dressed up in cow’s clothing.

Elegant llama
Elegant and regal llama.

Baby alpacas
How cute! Baby alpacas!!

Calico Llama
A calico llama! How cute!

Going for a walk
Hard to be cooped up all day, we all need to get out and go for a walk, including alpacas and llamas!
Take a gander at those beautiful fall colors in the background!

Everyone enjoys a little nose scratch, right? This lovebug was very happy to be the center of attention!

Beautiful angora bunny
How beautiful is this little guy? He just sat in this little area letting everyone pet him. And omg, how soft!!

Next up, a few amusing food vendors.

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